Мап сенсор признаки неисправности

Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP)
The Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor measures the changes in the intake manifold pressure which result from engine load and speed changes.

мап сенсор признаки неисправности

The pressure measured by the MAP sensor is the difference between barometric pressure (outside air) and manifold pressure (vacuum). A closed throttle engine coastdown would produce a relatively low MAP value (approximately 20–35 kPa), while wide-open throttle would produce a high value (100 мап сенсор признаки неисправности. This high value is produced when the pressure inside the manifold is the same as outside the manifold, and 100% of outside air (or 100 kPa) is being measured. This MAP output is the opposite of what you would measure on a vacuum gauge.

The use of this sensor also allows the ECM/PCM to adjust automatically for different мап сенсор признаки неисправности.

The ECM/PCM sends a 5 volt reference signal to the MAP sensor. As the MAP changes, the electrical resistance of the sensor also changes. By monitoring the sensor output voltage the ECM/PCM can determine the manifold pressure.

A higher pressure, lower vacuum (high voltage) requires мап сенсор признаки неисправности fuel, while a lower pressure, higher vacuum (low voltage) requires less fuel. The ECM/PCM uses the MAP sensor to control fuel delivery and ignition timing.

мап сенсор признаки неисправности

A failure in the MAP sensor circuit should set a Code 33 or Code 34.

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