Прогревочные обороты вольво s70

Volvo S70

1998 Volvo S70 (US)

ManufacturerVolvo Cars
Production1996–2000 (243,078 прогревочные обороты вольво s70 and chassis
ClassCompact Executive Car
Body style4-doorsaloon
PlatformVolvo P80 platform[5]
RelatedVolvo V70
  • Petrol:
  • 2.0–2.5L I5
  • (93kW–184kW)
  • Diesel:
  • 2.5L I5
  • (103kW)
2.0 L I5 (petrol)[6]
2.3 L I5 (petrol)
2.4 L I5 (petrol)[7]
2.4 L I5turbo (petrol)[8]
2.5 L I5 (petrol)[9]
2.5 L I5turbo (petrol)[10]
2.5 L I5 (diesel)[11]
  • FWD: 2,664 mm (104.9 in)
  • AWD: 2,654 mm (104.5 in)
Length4,722 mm (185.9 in)
Width1,760 mm (69.3 in)
  • FWD: 1,402 mm (55.2 in)
  • AWD: 1,448 mm (57.0 in)
Kerb weight
  • FWD:[13]
  • 1,428–1,510 kg (3,148–3,329 lb)
  • AWD:[14]
  • 1,600–1,635 kg (3,527–3,605 lb)
PredecessorVolvo 850 saloon
SuccessorVolvo S60

The Volvo S70 was a compact executive car produced by Volvo Cars from 1996[15] to 2000.[16][17] Прогревочные обороты вольво s70 S70 was essentially a facelifted 850saloon.

The S70 was replaced with the Volvo S60.


Introduced in Europe in late 1996 for the 1997 model year and later in the U.S. for the 1998 model year, the Volvo S70 was an updated version of the Volvo 850 saloon.[18] The S70's body style was overall more rounded compared to its predecessor. Changes included a redesigned front end with new lights, fully colour-coded bumpers and side trim, and clear indicator lenses for the rear lights, as well as a прогревочные обороты вольво s70 interior.

According to Volvo, a total of 1800 changes were made.[19]

Standard equipment was improved with remote central locking, heated & electrically adjustable mirrors, 4 airbags, power brakes with ABS and power windows being standard on every car. Trim levels varied for each market as did the equipment levels of the most basic trims.

In the United States, the badging denoted the engine variant and to some extent the equipment level, whereas in Europe engine and options could be chosen individually.

прогревочные обороты вольво s70

On all markets more powerful versions usually received better or upgraded standard equipment. The T5 and R were the series high-performance models.

For model year 1999 a minor facelift was introduced. Apart from very minor cosmetic changes, such as a slightly different Volvo badge on the front grille and US models now being equipped with side markers on the front fenders, most changes were done to the mechanicals. Volvo introduced its second generation side airbag which increased in volume to прогревочные обороты вольво s70 better protection.[20]WHIPS, Volvo's system to minimize whiplash injuries, was also introduced as part of the standard equipment.

New engine management systems with drive-by-wire replaced the прогревочные обороты вольво s70 throttle on all turbo engines as прогревочные обороты вольво s70 as bringing with them прогревочные обороты вольво s70 upgraded traction control. Now including throttle as well as brake intervention it was renamed STC.

The ABS was upgraded from a three-channel to a four-channel system, all-wheel drive models received thicker rear discs and redesigned rear calipers. All automatic transmissions were now equipped with adaptive shift-logic, replacing the previous 3-mode selection. A starter interlock was added to models with manual transmissions.

For model year 2000 a new 5-speed automatic transmission with adaptive shift-logic was introduced. It was only available on non turbo front-wheel drive models.

The 10V engine variants were dropped and replaced by detuned 20V versions, drive-by-wire throttle was now прогревочные обороты вольво s70 introduced for non turbo models.



With the S70 Volvo continued to offer a mid-size saloon.

With a variety of models and options it was well received but was outsold by its estate variant the V70.[21] With engines choices ranging from 126PS to 250PS, and a diesel engine finally being available for the saloon as well as прогревочные обороты вольво s70 Bi-Fuel there was something for everyone. Market adjustments meant that outside of Europe no TDI or Bi-Fuel models were available.

Specialised versions for the fleet market, such as a taxi and police variant, were now available from the factory.

Notable uses of police S70's were by some British highway patrol forces[22] and even some North American police forces.[23][24][25]

S70 AWD[edit]

From model year 1998 to 2000 a S70 AWD was offered.[26] It used the same setup as the V70 AWD, with прогревочные обороты вольво s70 exception of the rear self-leveling suspension being an option rather than a standard feature.

The only available engine was the 193 PS 2.4 L turbo with either a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission.

S70 R[edit]

An S70 'R'[27] version was introduced in 1997 for the 1998 model year[1] and offered the highest performance of all S70 models.

The engine was rated at 250 metric horsepower (184 kW; 247 hp) and прогревочные обороты вольво s70 newton metres (258 lbf⋅ft) for models fitted with a five-speed manual gearbox and limited slip differential. Models fitted with a four-speed automatic gearbox were rated at 240 metric horsepower (177 kW; 237 hp) and 330 N⋅m (240 lb⋅ft).

Only FWD versions were produced. The model was only available in Europe and few select other countries.

The S70 R came with a unique leather/alcantara interior that featured diamond stitching on the seats.

Further styling touches were a special front bumper, blue gauge faces for the instrument cluster, the option to have the car in a R specific colour and a choice of unique 16" or 17" alloy wheels. Standard equipment was substantially upgraded over normal models with few options available such as a trunk mounted CD-changer, RTI navigation system or an upgraded stereo system.

Production ended with the 1998 model year.


ModelEngine codeYear(s)PowerTorque @rpmDisplacement0–100 km/h (0–62 mph)
2.0 10VB5202FS1997–1998126 PS (93 kW; 124 hp)170 N⋅m (130 lb⋅ft) @48001,984 cc (121.1 in3)
  • 11.7 s (Manual)
  • 12.1 s (Auto)
2.5 10VB5252FS1997–1999144 PS (106 kW; 142 hp)206 N⋅m (152 lb⋅ft) @33002,435 cc (148.6 in3)
  • 10.2 s (Manual)
  • 10.6 s (Auto)
2.5 20VB5254FS1997–1999170 PS (125 kW; 168 hp)220 N⋅m (160 lb⋅ft) @33002,435 cc (148.6 in3)
  • 8.9 s (Manual)
  • 10.0 s (Auto)
2.5 20VB5254S[28]1999170 PS (125 kW; 168 hp)220 N⋅m (160 lb⋅ft) @33002,435 cc (148.6 in3)
  • 8.9 s (Manual)
  • 10.0 s (Auto)
2.0TB5204T21997–2000180 PS (132 kW; 178 hp)240 N⋅m (180 lb⋅ft) @18001,984 cc (121.1 in3)
B5254T[28]1997–1999193 PS (142 kW; 190 hp)270 N⋅m (200 lb⋅ft) @18002,435 cc (148.6 in3)
  • 7.8 s (Manual)
  • 8.2 s (Auto)
B5244T2000193 PS (142 kW; 190 hp)270 N⋅m (200 lb⋅ft) @18002,435 cc (148.6 in3)
  • 7.8 s (Manual)
  • 8.2 s (Auto)
  • 8.4 s (Manual AWD)
  • 8.6 s (Auto AWD)
T5 2.0B5204T31997–1999230 PS (169 kW; 227 hp)310 N⋅m (230 lb⋅ft) @27001,984 cc (121.1 in3)
T5 2.3B5234T3[28]1997–2000240 PS (177 kW; 237 hp)330 N⋅m (240 lb⋅ft) @27002,319 cc (141.5 in3)
B5234T41998250 PS (184 kW; 247 hp)350 N⋅m (260 lb⋅ft) @27002,319 cc (141.5 in3)6.8 s
B5234T31998240 PS (177 kW; 237 hp)330 N⋅m (240 lb⋅ft) @27002,319 cc (141.5 in3)
ModelEngine codeYear(s)PowerTorque @rpmDisplacement0–100 km/h (0–62 mph)
2.5 D (TDI)*D5252T (MSA 15.7)[29]1997–1999140 PS (103 kW; 138 hp)290 N⋅m (210 lb⋅ft) @19002,460 cc (150.1 in3)
  • 9.9 s (Manual)
  • 10.7 s (Auto)
2.5 D (TDI)*D5252T[30] (MSA 15.8)**[29]1999–2000140 PS (103 kW; 138 hp)290 N⋅m (210 lb⋅ft) @19002,460 cc (150.1 in3)
  • 9.9 s (Manual)
  • 10.7 s (Auto)
ModelEngine codeYear(s)PowerTourqe @rpmDisplacement0–100 km/h (0–62 mph)
Bi-FuelB5244SG1998–2000144 PS (106 kW; 142 hp)206 N⋅m (152 lb⋅ft) @33002,435 cc (148.6 in3)
  • *Volvo used a modified version прогревочные обороты вольво s70 the 2.5 TDI VAG engine
  • **For 1999 the engine management system прогревочные обороты вольво s70 updated to comply with emission regulations.

See also[edit]

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